Jupiter & Venus

Venus dominates Jupiter in the eastern sky this morning.

They promised Northern Lights last night, and the sky was unusually clear. I set up my camera for night shots and got a couple of suspected auroras around the full Harvest Moon. But late last night as I was about to put it all up I noticed this brilliant light in the northeast. It was so bright I thought there must be a passenger liner approaching with its landing lights on. But it was unwavering.

A wayward airliner with landing lights on?

This morning when I got up to check for more aurora borealis, the view at the top of this entry was what I saw in the east. I had to do a quick bit of research to identify Venus outshining the largest planet in the Solar System.

Whether this is actually aurora or not, I was thrilled with some of the photographs of the Harvest Moon.

I hastily published this to Facebook, claiming Aurora Borealis, which I thought it was. Later that night clouds mysteriously shrouded the eastern sky. Perhaps these were outrunners of the oncoming clouds, veiling the Harvest Moon.


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